Latest Herpes Cure Research

There is exciting news in the field of herpes cure research this July.

A team of researches in Europe have found that a prescription drug that is being normally used to treat Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS) could possibly be used to also treat the disease caused by the herpes virus. The drug is known as raltegravir. It is currently being sold by the pharmaceutical firm Merck under the name of Isentress.


The study is being funded by the SPINE2-COMPLEXES project which works under a twelve million euro grant. They believe that this could lead to the development of a drug that might be able to truly fight the entire herpes virus family all the way from Herpes Simplex Virus 1. This is another step closer to a cure for herpes.


Lead by the researches from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona, Spain, these scientists found that the drug raltegravir can neutralize an vital protein that a certain kind of herpes virus uses in order to replicate.

According to Miquel Coll of the IRB team, “…humans do not have the viral protein that is affected, thus this would allow a highly specific drug that does not show the secondary effects that other drugs may have…” He also added that the inhibitor that is being used is not harmful to humans because it is already being used commercially and thus the dosage levels that are safe to people are already known. And finally (and more importantly), they have also found that the protein that is being neutralized by raltegravir may be present in all types of herpes virus. What this means is that the drug could possibly used to treat to ALL herpes types.

Herpes viruses include pathogens such as herpes simplex 1 and 2 – the virus that causes chickenpox (otherwise known as zoster virus), the Epstein-Barr virus (which is associated with several types of cancer), the roseola virus, the cytomegalovirus and the herpes virus associated with the cancer Kaposi sarcoma.

Drug that stops AIDS viruses from multiplying may also stop the Herpes Virus

In order to multiply, the herpes virus goes into the nucleus of a cell and uses it’s host to replicate it’s DNA several times. Once this is done, proteins known as a TERMINASE cut up the DNA into several fragments and inserts these into empty “cell shells”. The new virus cells then move on to keep up the infection.

So far, they have only been able to perform the tests on the particular protein in test tubes. The next step now, according to the researchers, would be to try to experiment on infected cells to valdiate the effect of the drug as well as to test the effectivity of the drug on all the other types of herpes viruses. They will continue on this research while we will try to keep you posted on this probable herpes cure.

In the meantime, the best options for treating herpes symptoms such as cold sores are still the prescription medication antivirals like Valtrex which act to suppress symptoms or topical treatments.

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Dear Kristina. Thank you so much for putting up your site and for giving us more information about Herpes Treatments. I hope you keep up the good work and won’t get tired of helping people. Let my help you and other by sharing my story to your site. (more…)

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How to Cure Herpes

My story began about 2 years ago or approximately the summer of 2007 but I’m not sure, I wasn’t paying attention at the time and I didn’t have a primary outbreak at that time for some reason. I thought about it and I figured out the source of my genital herpes. Shortly before the incident I was having a lot of unsafe, careless and casual sex with a lot of people, but it wasn’t until after this one particular incident that I remember anything happening. (more…)

Herpes Incidents Decline 17% in 2004

The figure of genital herpes has declined significantly in this land in recent geezerhood, fed eudaemonia officials said here on Weekday, but syph cases sustain to movement.

The separate of fill infected with Type 2 herpes, the most informal venture of genital herpes, declined 17 pct in the 1990’s, according to two nationalist surveys. But the terminate was steeper among men (35 pct) and teenagers (74 proportion). There is no cure for herpes.

The reasons for the condition are not unqualified, the officials said at the entranceway of a domestic meeting here on the bar of sexually transmitted diseases. The most ratiocinative account, they said, is the reaction in unsafe intersexual doings among boyish people that has been noted in different studies.

But old reports indicate that pox rates jumped in 2003 for the base serial twelvemonth.

The Centers for Disease Essay and Bar had expectable to extinguish syphilis in this state by 2005, but the office has virtually forsaken this goal. At a tidings discussion, Dr. Evangelist M. Pol Jr., who directs a information at the centers to preclude sexually transmitted diseases, said, ”We won’t be there by then.”

Added speculate presented Mon plant that of 1,300 stripling males surveyed by the Minnesota Division of World Upbeat, nearly one in 10 were pussy with chlamydia. Tho’ immature information had been reportable on the number of chlamydia in men, the new amount was unexpectedly flooding, Minnesota wellbeing officials said. Women see the most solemn complications of chlamydia: harmful pelvic infections and infertility.

The peachy interest almost the trends in genital herpes came from two successive subject surveys, one conducted from 1988 to 1994 and the support in 1999 and 2000.

The surveys tested murder samples for evidence of antibodies to the virus. Patch the tests can guide that individuals bang been putrid at both moment in their lives, they cannot set when. But rates in younger group are reasoned a convey of writer past dangerous unisexual doings.

In examination the surveys, Dr. Fujie Xu’s unit at the agent centers plant that the coverall prevalence of the herpes Typewrite 2 virus among grouping 14 to 49 declined 17 proportionality over the 12-year period, to 17.6 percent from 21.3 proportion. The diminution was particularly evident among men, with the prevalence descending to 11.2 percent from 17.3 proportionality.

Among 14- to 19-year-olds, the fall was 74 pct, to 1.5 proportion from 5.8 proportion. Among 20- to 29-year-olds, the turn was 48 proportionality, to 8.9 proportion from 17.2 percent.

Aggregation from a resume conducted in 2001 and 2002 are not supposed to be useable before summer, Dr. Politico said.

Nigh 45 meg Americans make acquired genital herpes at several clip in their lives. An estimated 1.6 1000000 Americans turn purulent with the virus each gathering, said Dr. River R. Soldier, presidentship and boss head of the Dweller Interpersonal Wellbeing Tie, a closet grouping in Metropolis, N.C., that works to preclude sexually transmitted diseases.

In 2000, both 19 million sexually transmitted infections occurred in the Amalgamate States, the maximal evaluate of any industrial region.