Herpes Cures and Infections

It’s quite rainy today. The place where I am right now has gone from a hot humid climate to a cold dry weather. It’s just the right kind of season for all sorts of health problems to come up caused by bacteria, viruses and the weakening of the immune system. This is especially true for people with herpes which is a disease that cannot be cured. Even as doctors continuously try to find a cure for this, and there are already several herpes cures(actually, just treatments that suppress the virus) out there on the market, one can still leave themselves open to some sort of outbreak. The virus just sits there in their body and nothing changes. As soon as their body starts to weaken, the virus comes out and the outbreaks occur. Some times, these cold sores can be really awful and they can really hit on the self confidence of people. Genital herpes is particularly bad because these can cause a lot of pain to the people involved to the point that they start to experience a hard time walking. Sadly, with no cure for herpes, there is not much we can do except try to strengthen the immune system to make sure that it is robust enough to withstand the onslaught of a virus that tends to lurk in the shadows, making it difficult for people to get cured. Do remember to always have a lot of vitamin c, to get a lot of exercise, or just ismply get moving. Get lots of sleep. Anything that can depress the immune system should be avoided otherwise, you leave yourself open to really bad outbreaks once again. Be careful with who you sleep with, also, otherwise you may end up spreading the infection to even more people. this will be horrible.