Anything Interesting about Living with Herpes?

Hello everyone. Summer is nearly over. It’s raining here where I am. The heat can really get to you sometimes. Nope, no cold sore outbreaks at the moment and so I don’t need any cold sore treatments as of yet. Maybe later in the year.

Outbreaks, I’ve had a few but since I’ve been taking some over the counter herpes treatments, they’ve been reduced a lot and I’ve been taking really good care of my body. The reduced levels of stress is really helping me keep the herpes symptoms away. Herpes cures are still evasive. I don’t really know when they are coming. I’ve been thinking of getting a prescription for Acyclovir or to buy Valtrex online just in case and I’ve been thinking of getting them online, for the convenience. I really hate going to the doctor’s office and having to wait in a clinic for a long time. Sometimes I feel like a lot of eyes are on me. Genital herpes treatments really work even if they don’t help me out when it comes to ending the disease forever. Sometimes, especially during bad weeks, when there is a lot of work and I’m not feeling well, like when I have a cold, I get an outbreak and the cold sores which really make me miserable. Oh well. I hope when winter comes, I will be in good shape so now I’ve been working out a lot, trying to make sure my body is strong and keeping away from trouble. Herpes dating isn’t so bad, I guess. At least I’m with people that share the same problem and thus should have no issue with what we both already have. That’s it for now. I’ve had some herpes treatment reviews come in over the past weeks and I’ll try to slowly post them here.