Herpes Simplex I virus causes cold sores or fever blisters.

Cold Sores

This virus produces lesions or infections around the mouth, in the mucous membrane of the mouth and in the area of the nose. It is transmitted when a person comes in contact with the saliva of an infected person either through oral or respiratory routes. Herpes simplex I virus could also be transmitted in the genitals when a person with oral infections comes in contact with his or her sexual partner through oral-genital sexual intercourse.

Herpes Simplex II virus is more commonly known as genital herpes because this virus causes lesions commonly on the genitals and is transmitted through sexual contact with a person infected by the virus (Sexually Transmitted Disease). General symptoms are itching, redness, bump, burning or a tingling in or around the genital area that comes with blisters, sore cuts that are painful and uncomfortable.
There is no cure for herpes Simplex Virus however reoccurrences of outbreaks and lesions can be controlled and minimized by proper medications. Lesions or outbreaks are most likely to occur during decreased resistance and too much stressor in the environment. It is advised that even though taking medications, a person with such problem should also be encourage with a healthy lifestyle and to boost the his or her immune system or take advantage of some herpes treatments.

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