Feline Herpes

Cats can also get herpes and it helps if you can identify the symptoms of this at an early stage. Main symptoms can include tears, constipation, runny nose, coughing. While these symptoms could be caused by other diseases, it is important to keep in mind that feline herpes is a possibility and while there may be no cure for herpes, your pet may be able to get some relief from it.

Cure for Herpes

The first outbreak of feline herpes usually brings the worst symptoms as your pet’s immune system familiarizes itself with the virus so you would observe some flu-like symptoms or conjunctivitis which clouds your cat’s eye. Keeping your cat healthy helps minimize further outbreaks because of a stronger immune system.Feline herpes is not the same as human herpes and both strains do not cross-infect between species so it’s not likely that it is passed on through human contact. Feline herpes is usually caused by poor health caused by an unhealthy diet plan. Fleas can also pass on feline herpes.

How to Cure Herpes

Cure for herpes? Not really. There are some treatments that can give some relief as the virus can also cause respiratory problems. Among some treatments that disguise a cure for herpes are antiviral eye drops to give some relief to the herpes that normally appear around the eyes of cats. Do not use human treatments on cats.Another possible cure for herpes that is really a treatment is to use a product with lysine that prevents the virus from reproducing and limits the severity of outbreaks.

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