Genital Herpes Symptoms

The incubation period of Genital Herpes is about a week. During this period a person infected with the virus could experience the general symptoms such as itching, redness, bump, burning or a tingling in or around the genital area that comes with blisters, sore cuts that are painful and uncomfortable.

Genital Herpes Symptoms

Urination can be painful and walking and sitting can be unpleasant. Any signs that occurred should immediately be checked by a medical professional to give immediate response to the illness. Remember there is no cure for herpes.

Although after incubation period, blisters or so may heal in 2 weeks onwards, lesions and outbreaks are recurrent depending on the person’s response to the factors or to his or her lifestyle, personal hygiene and also to the effectiveness of his or her medication. Menstruation, illness and stress are the factors that can initiate periods of inflammation. Antibiotics or Antibacterial medications are not effective in preventing herpes, only Antivirals are used. It is best to try and find out which herpes treatment is best for you.

Mothers are to inform their doctors if they have herpes so that necessary alternatives and precautions can be made. Mothers with active lesions present on their external genitalia near the time of parturition can perform a cesarean method to prevent infecting the newborns. Remember also that although a person having an outbreak is considered to be in his or her most contagious stage, a carrier of such disease can still be transmitted even if there is no outbreak.


  1. I didn’t tihnk it was so bad. Thank you for the information and sharing what you have. I hope there is ac ure soon.

  2. There has to be a cure somewhere. Do you know which treatments work best in getting rid of outbreaks?

  3. Sorry Nadya, there isn’t a cure yet for herpes. There are treatments out there that help you get rid of the symptoms but the virus will always be tehre.

  4. Sing, sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing it strong. Herpes you can live with it.

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