Herpes Diet and Nutrition

It has been found that diets high in lysine is very beneficial to people suffering from viral disease.

Cure for Herpes

Also, diets are additionally effective if they are low in arginine. Diet and vitamin supplements could encourage the growth and reproduction of the virus.  The amino acid lysine has been known to be good for herpes outbreaks. While this is not essentially a cure for herpes, this amino acid is beneficial to warding off herpes outbreaks. However, be careful to avoid foods high in arginine as the presence of this encourages the replication of the virus when mixed with lysine.
L-Lysine can be very helpful when trying to reduce the severity and occurences of the HSV infection. It also reduces the healing time for these outbreaks.


  1. A good diet help boost the immune system. A strong immune system help you prevent the occurrence of outbreaks the same way that it helps fight off disease and fevers and other illnesses so stay healthy, eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Get some exercise.

  2. Being overweight doesn’t predispose you more to symptoms but being generally unhealthy (which can be as a result of obesity) can cause you to exhibit herpes symptoms.

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