Over the Counter Herpes Treatment

Which are the best herpes treatments available?

Like all medical advertisements, the best advice is always to consult with your doctor before you decide to take a new type of medicine for your herpes simplex virus. The more effective prescription medication these days are Valtrex which can be ordered online. There are also topical treatments you apply on the blisters so that symptoms can heal faster.

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The most prescribed treatments to combat herpes so far are the prescription drugs called antivirals. One of the more popular drugs is known as Valtrex but you will usually need to visit your pharmacist for this.

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  1. Any thoughts on other treatments out there that anyone can contribute?

  2. I like the Dynamiclear treatment.

  3. Good morning fellow readers. Can you please post what you think of some of the herpes treatments you are using? It will really help us to know what is happening and what works best for you! It will certainly help the community to weed out what is fake and what is not when it comes to cure for herpes, and ow herpes is cured!!

  4. What kind should I take

  5. Eat cloves of garlic its tough but it works for now

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