Some Herpes Advice

What can you do when you find out you have herpes simplex?

These  words bring on a period of personal anguish and doubt and people scramble to search for a cure for herpes. It usually makes people depressed at the thought of having an “incurable” disease, fear that sex will be ruined, and fear that important relationships may be destroyed.  The transition is not always easy. It’s best to keep up to date about new herpes drugs under study as treatments for genital herpes.

Cure for Herpes

Here are some Home remedies, or Do or Don’ts.

Don’t use antibacterial creams or ointments without medical advice.

Don’t break open vesicle (sores). Do apply a soothing ice pack to the area during the prodromal warning stage.

Do bathe the sores in warm water to which a drying agent, such as Epsom salt or Borrows solution has been added.

Wear loose fit clothes during an outbreak to prevent irritation and allow air to help dry the infection. Also, cotton underwear is a good idea, since it allows for ventilation and absorbs moisture in the area.

It is critical to KEEP THE HERPES VIRUS IN A DORMANT STATE. It is recommended that a woman with genital herpes have a Papa-nicolaou (Pap) smear annually or semi-annually.

Do tell your doctor if you are pregnant and suspect herpes, so you can avoid serious consequences to your baby.

Take more lysine and less arginine.

How to Cure Herpes

Do not reuse condoms.

Do tell any prospective sexual partners before you have relations. Herpes is spread by direct skin to skin contact, and sometimes, even if there is no lesion (shedders). Do speak to a therapist if you need help dealing with herpes. Remember while there is no cure for herpes just yet, there are ways of taking care of yourself.

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