Can I get herpes just by kissing


Can I get herpes by just kissing someone?


Yes you can. Transmission occurs when you come into contact with a cold sore, of even if there is no cold sore visible, you will still have the risk of getting herpes. Herpes is a virus caused by the herpes simplex virus. There is no cure for this virus and symptoms of it comes and goes with the strength of the immune system. A depressed immune system leaves the body more vulnerable to symptoms and this is what causes outbreaks to occur. An exposed cold sore is a transmission mine field and you should avoid coming into contact with it. More importantly, it is essentail that you know who you are hooking up with and hope that your partner is up front with the information as well. While herpes is not an incredibly serious or life threatening condition, the idea of having something that cannot be cured can be pretty devastating at the beginning.