Latest Herpes Cure Research

There is exciting news in the field of herpes cure research this July.

A team of researches in Europe have found that a prescription drug that is being normally used to treat Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS) could possibly be used to also treat the disease caused by the herpes virus. The drug is known as raltegravir. It is currently being sold by the pharmaceutical firm Merck under the name of Isentress.


The study is being funded by the SPINE2-COMPLEXES project which works under a twelve million euro grant. They believe that this could lead to the development of a drug that might be able to truly fight the entire herpes virus family all the way from Herpes Simplex Virus 1. This is another step closer to a cure for herpes.


Lead by the researches from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona, Spain, these scientists found that the drug raltegravir can neutralize an vital protein that a certain kind of herpes virus uses in order to replicate.

According to Miquel Coll of the IRB team, “…humans do not have the viral protein that is affected, thus this would allow a highly specific drug that does not show the secondary effects that other drugs may have…” He also added that the inhibitor that is being used is not harmful to humans because it is already being used commercially and thus the dosage levels that are safe to people are already known. And finally (and more importantly), they have also found that the protein that is being neutralized by raltegravir may be present in all types of herpes virus. What this means is that the drug could possibly used to treat to ALL herpes types.

Herpes viruses include pathogens such as herpes simplex 1 and 2 – the virus that causes chickenpox (otherwise known as zoster virus), the Epstein-Barr virus (which is associated with several types of cancer), the roseola virus, the cytomegalovirus and the herpes virus associated with the cancer Kaposi sarcoma.

Drug that stops AIDS viruses from multiplying may also stop the Herpes Virus

In order to multiply, the herpes virus goes into the nucleus of a cell and uses it’s host to replicate it’s DNA several times. Once this is done, proteins known as a TERMINASE cut up the DNA into several fragments and inserts these into empty “cell shells”. The new virus cells then move on to keep up the infection.

So far, they have only been able to perform the tests on the particular protein in test tubes. The next step now, according to the researchers, would be to try to experiment on infected cells to valdiate the effect of the drug as well as to test the effectivity of the drug on all the other types of herpes viruses. They will continue on this research while we will try to keep you posted on this probable herpes cure.

In the meantime, the best options for treating herpes symptoms such as cold sores are still the prescription medication antivirals like Valtrex which act to suppress symptoms or topical treatments.


  1. I pray every day for a cure, we are millions of people in this world, there must be one that finds a cure, all the sufferers will bless that person.

  2. I hope that there will be a cure for the herpes virus I have only been diagnosed a week but I am so depressed, this cure would dramatically change my life I feel as though no one wants me I’m only 19 years old and want children and to get married but who would want me if I got herpes.

  3. Its been just over four hours with the news i am infected. I know life goes on but im not remotely sure how that is gonna happen. It feels like my life is over. Sad thing is out of my group of friends i was the only one who always wrapped it up. And im the one who gets this news.. I hope a cure is close

  4. I know what you mean Ava. I found out almost two years ago now. I am 31 and have not been on a single date since this happened. I always wanted children and a family, but now that likely won’t happen. My pool of people to dat just dropped to almost nothing, and nobody shares their secret, so it is impossible to know if I can even ask somebody out. Good news is that oyu are still REALLY young, so you have plenty of time to find somebody.

  5. ava I am also 19 and recently found out I had herpes one. I feel as though its almost not real. Im in college and cannot even go on a date. Im taking things day by day and trying to fight through it all.

  6. I undertand all of your fears. I have had this for over 6 years. And it was very difficult news to get. I like Ryan was always careful and i was not what you call a player but I found someone and there is hope out there. unfortunately oral sex is not an option really but there are still people that will see the goodness in you despite this horrible affliction. And hopefully a cure is coming soon.

  7. I am now 17 and found out when I was 16 which was 5 months ago. I had a boyfriend at the time and I contracted it from my previous partner but didn’t find out unitl I wasn’t with him. But luckily my boyfriend has stayed with me and helps out alot during outbreaks and when I’m feeling depressed. You will find someone eventually who will understand and will love you. I just hope a cure will be available as soon as possible so I can just live a normal life and not have this holding back so much.

  8. Look the reality of the situation is that many people have had some kind of std, we just have the bad luck one for now, I found out a year ago, I hhave had only 2 out breaks since and so small and few it does not even bug me, my partner and I have been together for 4 years 3 years prior to my diagnosis, and I have had it all along, we have sex regularly and she has not had an outbreak, touch wood!, we have oral sex etc. Really its made worst than it is, life goes one, its just some blisters on your nob that goes away, I have been married since , and have a kid and life is great, shhiittt happens mate. Don’t cry over spilled milk, work with what you have and don’t let it get you down. Besides they will find a cure soon. Times are changing. Look at what we achieved the last 10 years, imagine 5 years from now ?? Anyways keep cool, all gets better in time, so does the outbreaks, its not that bad, just has a stigma around it. Ill rather have this than depression, cool, keep your head up buds!

  9. I have had herpes since 1994 and even to this day I want a cure. Unfortunately, when your honest and you tell someone you like you have the disease they run away and some of them literally run away. You feel hopeless and alone also like no one really cares for you. Please if you have a cure give it to all of us. We all were victimized by someone who knew that they had it, but did not want to tell. It happens that way. So million upon millions of people will suffer greatly if you do not get this out in the public and most of us would go any where for a chance, just a chance to be well again.

  10. I contracted HSV 2 when I was 22 years old. I was so depressed. I cried all the time for about a month. I was doing research online about the disease when I came acrossed an article a women had written about the disease. She said in rephrased words that it was an incurable disease and to get over it and change my attitude because there is nothing I can do about it. She was right. I had to change my perspective on things. I was and unwed single mother of two children. Who would want a women with two kids and who had herpes? Well I found out the people who loved me and a man who did. Herpes isnt always a bad thing. Come on, it could be AIDS.

  11. No worries my friends. Soon there will be a cure for herpes I or II. Remain positive and hang in there.

  12. Here we are again I told my 2nd boyfriend I have herpes and he ran away. Why does the public not make the shot more well known to prevent others from getting it? Why don’t they do something to help us who have it.

  13. I reeeally hope that there is a cure soon. I’m only nineteen and found out when I was eighteen. My dreams have been to get married but honestly who will want to marry me now =/ I know I would probably run for the hills if someone had told me so I can’t blame them but the depression this brings into your life is awful!

  14. The health field is a bunch on scams and only want are money they can come out with all this new technology and everything else but they do not care for are well being the government it self is a illuminitie they all for money can careless who die

  15. I have been having this disease for almost 25 years,all u know is to accept it and be healthy and don’t let it rule u.i

  16. Stay “positive” they say, ha.
    Wont we all!

  17. I have lived with it for 6 years and I find it hard to be with someone I hope they find a cure one day… is it possible to have a relationship when u have this horrible disease ?

  18. I pray a cure is found very soon. Until then, keep your chin up and take care. Take your vitamins and eat as well as you can. Get your rest and try not to stress. Hugs for everyone.

  19. i found out last yr. Ive been with the same man for 10.5 yrs, he discovered it a yr before I did. Im 47 and very angry about this, a cure would be a wonderful thing for lots of people. Ive not had a breakout anywhere at all. I had a blood test and it was positive. All I could do was cry.

  20. Has anyone managed an off label prescription yet?

  21. I sometimes doubt that a cure will be found unless there is an overwhelming financial reward.

    Drug companies profit immensely from the drugs we use to control herpes. What do you think will happen if they stand to lose money?

    The tests will come back as dismal failures, that there is no cure after all. Time to stock back up on the valtrex.

    Sorry, but it’s like the farmer in North Dakota that had oil companies come in and test drill on his land. They capped the wells and told him that there was no oil until 30 years later one of the caps blew off and oil was fouling his land. What was their motive if it wasn’t money?

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