Angie’s Herpes Story

Hi I’m Angie. I’m 27 years old and am currently living in Castle Rock. I’ve had herpes for over ten years now and I’m proud to say that i’ve learned so many things in life after getting this disease i once thought would end my whole life. I’ve become someone better. At first i had to take my med daily, but later on [after 3 years or] so i stopped taking them and i also stopped experiencing those flares. I think it is true that flares decrease over time only depends on the person’s body ad genes. I was devastated that there was no cure for herpes out there.

Cure for Herpes

I would want to share my experience and tell you that having herpes is not something to be ashamed of and it is not something that could ruin your life forever. It all began one summer when i started feeling like there’s something wrong “down there”. At fist i got scared cause i thought i had UTI but was so busy with my work so i just thought of ignoring the pain for a little bit longer. Then i suddenly woke up to this having the worst feeling ever. I could barely walk and i thought i had the flu. My room mate brought me to the hospital to get my self checked. To my horror the doctor came back and told me i had something far worse than UTI i had Herpes. I was devastated at first but then people whom i loved comforted me and helped me get through. I was also given medicine to supress the pain and it did help a lot. I got help from online support groups and my friends helped me tell my parents about my condition. Now i’m happily engaged with the man i love and my friends who’ve stuck with me through my rough times have become my bestest friends in the world. I’ve lived my life better than how i used to and i never changed who i am just because of what i have and getting the best herpes treatments out there.


  1. where is the activity in cure for herpes going on right now ? I there any person whom we can hold up the collar and ask for a cure

  2. Wow thank you for sharing your story. It gives me hope that one day I will be happy and find love.

  3. Yeah if herpes were a little mor fun to have I would have to say they were the best thing that ever happened to me. They deffinatley opened my eyes to a new way or careing and understandinwhich has kept me with me fiance for 5 yrs now and we couldnt be happier. I think herpes are gods way of say straighten up and look at your life. You should try it you might suprise yourself. Go ito every situation with a smile and the outcome will amaze you.

  4. Yea im 25 yrs old ive been infected for about 20 or 21 yrs, this child molestergot caught n sent away, about the time i hit puberty i started noticing little bumps on me. At first i was like i dont need any close friends or companions, then i started meetin people in my mid teens, i had a few girlfriends & i always wore a condom except for 1 girl who i didnt, i think i ruined her life, im so sorry brittany, im depressed, & ive been alone for a long time, i cant take it anymore & im gonna kill myself

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