Conrad’s Stroy

Living with herpes isn’t that much of a big deal anymore for me. It has been with me for 3 years now and i could say i’ve been living well.

I’ve acquired the disease back when i loved going out and partying. Making out at the back of the bars was my thing. One faithful night i made out with a girl and because it was really dark at the bar, i couldn’t see her face clearly. Weeks after that night i noticed a red mark on my lips and on my neck. It itched a little so i thought it was just my allergies. After a few more weeks, it started to worsen and i couldn’t find what caused these burns. I searched for it on the net and one of the results i’ve found was herpes. I didn’t really mind it since i thought i always played it safe.

A friend then later aked me to go to the doctor to have my skin checked. The doctor then confirmed i had herpes. I couldn’t believe it. I was so devastated because not only did i have herpe but i had it where everyone could see it and I was told there was no cure for herpes! I tried using consealers and make up to cover it but then it didn’t help at all. I tried all sorts of products. But then the doctors gave me something to clear up the outbreaks. It changed my life. Little by little the sores disappeared, thanks to great herpes treatment.

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