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Hi Kristina. I just won’t say my name. I would like to share my story to you and to all your readers. I’m 17 years old. I’ve had herpes for 6 months already. I’m still trying to recover from the devastation i felt when i learned i had herpes and decided to go for herpes treatments.. The most horrible thing about it is that I got this on the very night i lost my virginity. I never thought I’d be deceived by the boy whom i thought would be the love of my life. He was my very first boyfriend. He was a college student who lived in our neighbourhood. After a few days, I noticed having an itchy feeling down my vagina. I kept washing it but the itch won’t come off. That night I saw my boyfriend and i tried to not show him i wasn’t itchy but then he noticed the marks down there and told me it was herpes. I tried not to believe him but the next day, he admitted to me he had herpes. I cried the whole day. I felt so betrayed. I was so scared because I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know how to tell my parents about it. I had no money and I had no means of getting the medicine for it. I got a part time job and I ordered stuff online. Thank goodness for the internet that i could keep my social life alive. Right now i’m using ___[medicine] It helps lessen the outbreaks. I haven’t had sex ever since that night but I’m seeing this really cool guy in my school. I’m still trying to find the courage to tell him about my situation. I’m hoping he’ll accept me and still like me even after i tell him my condition.


  1. Anonymous,
    I just read your story.
    I am very sorry you were deceived in this manner, sounds to me like the guy that passed this to you doesn’t care for you at all! (surprise)

    I have been living with hsv 2 for almost 30 years.
    It is really hard sometimes to tell your partner because you are afraid that information could be passed on to people who do not need to know, or your new found love will vanish.

    Take your time with the new man in your life, you will know when the time is right to tell him.

    God bless, and all the best to you.

  2. Be sure you take Lysine 1000 milligram vitamin each day from now because it retards the growth of herpes, and definately wear a rubber. Be prepared when you tell him he will probally leave that is why they need to let it be know the shot for people who do not have it works, but you try to tell them and they run. It is hard and it makes me sad to but I will be honest it seems the second you say something they are gone and your forced to live this life alone unless you get a guy on the web that already has it.

  3. do not ruin ur hs life by telling u have herpes.. it will get out no matter how much u like and trust this boy. wht happened to u happens to girls, and boys, everywhere, i know i fell for the same shit wen i was 17 then tbought i was stuck with the guy cuz no one would want me, u have the medicine, and use a condom but dont ruin the rest of ur life for a fling with a boy. ten yrs from now ppl will only remember u as a slut with herpes, not a hard working student, an athlete or anything else ur trying to full fill right now

  4. I dont know about you. But, its hard trusting people with this secret. I was the same age as you and till this day i ruin relationships living in fear of telling the truth and being scared if they tell the whole world. Its already embrassing. Good luck i wish you the best of luck. People change when they know the truth.

  5. I understand very well what so many of you are writing; I was infected the second time I ever had sex. I was 19 years old, and am sure the woman I was with had no idea she had the virus. (Most women are asymptomatic and would only find out about it if they thought to have a blood test for HPV.)
    The good news is that most of you seem very young, so the prospect of a cure is pretty high in your lifetime. I’m now 56 and have been living with this for 37 years. I must say that the first few years I suffered several outbreaks a year, though they gradually reduced in severity. I now have gone nearly 15 years without any outbreak, but I understand that asymptomatic shedding can still transmit the disease, so I need to be honest with anyone I date and let them decide for themselves.
    It’s important to not judge a man or woman who decides they don’t want to risk acquiring this virus and therefore “reject” you. All we can do is be ourselves, be honest, and trust that when we find someone who will really love us for who we are, this diagnosis won’t change their feelings.
    Keep the faith, be grateful we don’t have AIDS, cancer, or so many horrible medical diagnosis, and rise above the sadness!

  6. Honey.. I have hadherpes for several months aswell, I just turned 18. In this day andage 80 %of Americans have it. Think of it as fate telling you that you are to be saved for 1 man who is the right man. A good man won’t walk away from you and will except you for you. Keep your headup because there is no way your alone in this fight. I remember the day I found out I had it. The worstfeeling ever. I to got it at an early age from one of my firsts. You ARE NOT ALONE. If anything itmakes you stronger, being a young women walking the streets as a soldier in a war you think yourfighting alone. We all have regrets, we all made a mistake, we ALL Will move on.

  7. I was exactly the same age as you when I found out…17 yrs old, and almost the same situation. I was very devastated. To this day, it is so difficult to tell people the “secret”. This is the one thing that you can never really know how a person is going to react. You think you have made a good judgement about someone, and then you let the cat out of the bag. And there they go..very hard perdicament to be in..even after 19 yrs of having it. I let it out one more time, and have decided I would rather be with someone who already knows all about it, and understands what it feels like. But then I thought to myself, how will I meet these people- because it always seems like I am the only one that has it. I have found a few that have accepted it/me…but don’t ever let them exploit you. You will have a tough road ahead, but remember there is always alot of other things in life to enjoy…Please be honest and do the right thing…as this is why this continues to perpetuate, and the stigma still continues

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