Janet’s Story

It all started when i started dating this guy 2 years ago. He was such a gentleman and he told me he believed that sex could wait. I fell for him but after that night that we did it, he started to act different and it was like he was avoiding me. To make the long story short, we ended soon after we had sex.

Herpes Treatments

A few weeks later, i started to have this itchy and burning feeling down my privates and it wouldn’t go away. I would try to wash every now and then thinking it was just dirty. When it started to worsen, i began to worry so i went to the doctor to have me tested. after a week, the doctor called telling me my test result was positive for Herpes I was devastated and I was so angry with that guy who gave it to me. He was so inconsiderate. He didn’t even care to tell me about it.

I hated myself and shut down every guy who walked into my life. I even thought about passing it on just like how it happened to me. I then realized that being angry won’t solve anything. I tried dating other people and made it a must to tell them first that i had Herpes before going out with them. There is no cure for herpes.

Right now, I’m taking some Dynamiclear and it is helping me a lot by lessening my outbreaks. I could feel it little by little being controlled and I’ve already moved on to live a happy life.

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