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How to Cure Herpes

My story began about 2 years ago or approximately the summer of 2007 but I’m not sure, I wasn’t paying attention at the time and I didn’t have a primary outbreak at that time for some reason. I thought about it and I figured out the source of my genital herpes. Shortly before the incident I was having a lot of unsafe, careless and casual sex with a lot of people, but it wasn’t until after this one particular incident that I remember anything happening.

It was a warm summer night and I was about 22 at the time, and my friend was about 26, and he said he was going to invite a female friend that he knew over to his apartment that same night. Finally my friend wanted all of us to go in his bedroom. I was so plastered that I didn’t think twice about it.

Cure for Herpes

About a week or so later I remember getting this recurring itching that would be unbearable and later lead to raw painful sores. This went on about once a month for a long time.

A year later I was dating this new woman, and we decided to enter into a steady relationship. When we were intimate one time I remember that she happened to notice some warts on my privates that I was even unaware of. I thought it was a mole, but she insisted that I go to a doctor. I did and the doctor told me I had genital warts (HPV). Then about 6 months later the same girlfriend who I was seeing told me that she was developing a strange condition. I told her I had the same thing also and never really knew what it was, or thought it was anything to worry about. Unknowingly I had given her herpes.

I sought medical attention for my herpes problem because in the late winter of 2007 I had a very horrible and very long outbreak due to some high levels of stress from a writing assignment. This was probably my primary outbreak coming out at a very later date. The sores had migrated to a different area than they were previously. I had tremendous genital pain, shooting pain down the legs, tingling that felt like there was Ben Gay or similar on the genitals, itching and burning. and flu like symptoms. I went to a clinic and was tested for genital herpes and found out I had it.

Herpes Treatment

I have recently met someone about 6 months ago who doesn’t have herpes, but she is willing to deal with it even if she does get it from me.


  1. 2 months ago I was given herpes 2, and by someone who didnt bother on telling me. I had to find out the 3rd day, when my body was showing signs. I’m takin treatment on my condition but it give me hope, that some one is findin a cure to get rid of this diease. But I’m more scared of being rejected. its a month into my relationship with someone and I havent told him yet. were not havin sex but Im so scared that he will run from me. But knowing that cure is being developed is giving me a reason to keep my head up

  2. I just started dateing a girl whos has herpes and i dont i really care for this girl and i want too make it work without geting it is there anyway other then not have sex im 19 lol that would be hard but what r some of the safeist ways too have sex with out geting it And thank you for puting this site up im sure your helping a lot of poeple.

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