Sarah’s Story

Dear Kristina. Thank you so much for putting up your site and for giving us more information about Herpes Treatments. I hope you keep up the good work and won’t get tired of helping people. Let my help you and other by sharing my story to your site.

It all started when I started hanging out with the boys from work and we had this T.G.I.F. thing going on. Every Friday we’d go clubbing and we’d hit on girls. One night I met this very sexy woman and we danced all night. We were having such a great time that we agreed to see each other again the next day. That next day, we  went out on a date and she showed me she was really interested with me. That night, I thought i was the luckiest man because i was able to make her come home with me. We had sex that night and also the morning after that. After that day, she never called again and i she never answered my calls. I was puzzled because i thought we had a connection. I was first afraid i lacked skills. Days after, I felt so itchy down there and I had marks on my face. I thought those were just pimples but then they started to burn and that’s when I realized I’ve gotten Herpes. It really felt horrible. I went to my dotors to confirm it and they told me i was positive. I immediately bought the meds i needed to prevent further more outbreaks. I had to get make up on my face just to cover the disgusting marks i had just below my lip. Right now, the marks are gone but sometimes they still show up. And that’s when I have to take my meds again. It is true that Herpes outbreaks lessens after some time of taking the meds. I’m happy now with a stable relationship with a wonderful girl.

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