Cold Sore Treatment – Geranium Oil

Cold sores which are a member of the Herpes family appear below or just above the lips.

Herpes Natural Remedy

These are transmitted usually by kissing someone that is infected by the virus. A symptom that you have the virus is a tingling sensation on your lips or skin that is followed by the appearance of a painful spot. This is usually now a symptom of herpes.

One natural treatment for cold sores is Geranium. These have been proven to be cost effective compared to other cold sore creams on the market now. These originated in Africa and were introduced into Europe at the end of the seventeenth century and could be found on wastelands and the edge of forests. The common geraniums that we see everywhere today were cultivated in the eighteenth century.

Treatment of Herpes Outbreaks

To use, use one drop of undiluted geranium oil into a cotton bud and apply to the affected area as soon as symptoms such as a tingling sensation starts and repeat this two or three more times throughout the day.

A healthy diet loaded with vitamins, iron and zync also helps with outbreaks. Also reduce the stress in your life as this triggers an outbreak.

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