High Fiber Foods

I recently started eating a lot of high fiber foods. I got pretty gassy as a result but it was pretty good for my stomach. There is a lot of fiber in it and eating an apple a day definitely helps me lose a lot of weight because foods like these make me feel full. Of course I feel bloated sometimes but this is a consequence because my body doesn’t know yet how to cope with all the fiber that is going through my innards. A high fiber diet is important because it clears your arteries, stops fat from accumulating and clears your colon up and thus preventing colon cancer which can be really really nasty once you get it.

What are some examples of foods that are rich in fiber?

Granola bars are a good start. They’re a little pricey but you know what you’re getting in a single bar right away and this can helps you control your portions in a timely way. By doing this you can feed yourself often, anytime, anywhere, with just the right amount of nutrition. Great for people trying to lose weight.

Apples are a great way to get some fiber and they fill you up really fast. They also have a good glycemic index, almost similar to a quaker oats bar. And they come cheap. And remember the saying, an apple a day keesp the doctor away. So where can you go wrong right?

Vegetables, especially the stalks, are good and contain practically no calories. In this case, I prefer brocolli because these taste really nice, are easy to cook and can really fill me up right away. Vegetables also come cheap and oyu can pick up a week’s worth for a lot less than it will cost you to buy food at the fast food (although sometimes, this may not also be true, thanks to US farm subsidies that essentially make fast food cheaper to produce than your average garden variety, organic vegetable). Sad huh?

There it is. A quick start to a high fiber food diet. Time it took to write the article? 5 minutes. Way to go me.