Spa Cure for the Weekend Blues

What’s with the Monday blues? The weather right now is sunny, and the sky is the color of a deep blue and I could really use a good cure for the Monday blues. Over the weekend, I got a really great spa treatment which I think everyone should get once in a while. Treatments like the ones I got which included a massage, some sort of herbal wrap with the subsequent scrub down, and then a great shower and bath should be part of the repertoire of people at least once a month. It’ll cure anything and cures are what we are all about. What should we do when we’re sad? We meet with friends and we go visit family. We can revert to our hobbies and we can go sound off and scream at a mountain. Each thing we do like this cure the blues. Now, a cure for herpes is a completely different matter. No matter what we do, we only have treatments for the symptoms but not the disease. We can try to push back the disease but we still have no final cure. Sobering thought bt heck, we need a dose of reality. It’s a Monday, it sucks but nothing that a great lunch won’t cure.
Trying to live healthy, start a diet, relax a bit and also get some exercise. This should be very good for us.