Stretching is Important to Fitness

Do you like to exercise but you’re feeling a little down and need an extra perk? Do you feel like you’re in a plateau? Maybe you need to get down and do some stretching. People don’t seem to be paying mind to the benefits of maintaining a felxible body. Studies abound of the benefits of stretching but are not as heralded as the power of exercise on the overall health of a person.

People tend to agree that after the importance of maintaining a good cardio program and building muscle through regular strength training, a reliable stretching routine is vital to maintaining good overall fitness. This is according to Margaret Reagen from the Hope Medical Center.

“Research actually shows that flexibiltiy can help put the body into it’s best shape and level of fitness as well as help you avoid injury and can possibly even put off the development of old age stuff lke arthritis and more serious illnesses,” cites Dr Reagen.

The routine of the daily grind can reduce muscle size and length and when a muscle becomes less elastic, it becomes more vulnerables to tears and rips during sports when quick jerks and sudden movements are involved. In theory, the longer a muscle is, the more room it will have to grow and this should help in turn increase metabolism and easier general movement.

A healthy body keeps the herpes virus at bay. What does this mean for the rest of us? No cold sores! So get to it!

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