Are mouth sores the same as cold sores?

Question: I kissed a girl I just met the other night at a party and now I have sores in my mouth. Could this be herpes? Please help I am really worried.

– Ralph



You don’t have to worry. The herpes virus do not normally cause mouth sores. The more common symptoms you would see if you actually got the herpes simplex virus from the girl you kissed would be cold sores on the mouth with can be fairly large and cause blisters, which are definitely more obvious and sometimes kinda embarassing. The mouth sores or canker sores that you have now may be caused by a different problem altogether, sometimes you get them by not brushing your teeth so often and ulcers can begin to develop.  But next time, be careful who you decide to hook up with. Herpes is no joke and even if you didn’t get it on this occassion, the scare is very real, and the threat and risk of getting this virus is also very much real.