Herpes Cold Sores and Genital Infections

A lot of people know that the herpes virus causes cold sores but it’s not immediately understood that oral herpes and genital herpes are related. This is a disease that affects more than 45 million adults nationwide. There seems to also be some confusion as to whether the herpes that you find on your lips can be transmitted to the genital area. There are several types of herpes virus called strains and they are all closely related.
The HSV 2 or Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 is the strain of herpes that is normally associated with genital herpes whereas the type one herpes simplex virus is the one causing the cold sores in the mouth. But you have to know that both types can spread to the mouth and the genitals.
The oral to genital transmission is more common and is normally transferred via oral sex. Washing the virus away with soap and water is a good way to keep it from spreading.

Remember, cold sores can cause a genital infection and genital infections can also cause cold sores.

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